First Pull!

Hey Frizzos

The term “Pull” is used to start the game in Ultimate Frisbee. It is when you line up in your end zone and throw the disc to your opponents, who is waiting to receive. After each score you pull again to restart.

Tygers Ultimate Frisbee had its very first pull on Tuesday, 27 September 2011. It was the first time Ultimate Frisbee was played in the Northern Suburbs and I sense it is here to stay.

Invite your friends to join us every week, same place, Bellville Cricket Club at 17h30.

We aim to grow in our skills and to become a competitive force in the Cape Town Ultimate scene. We hope to get some regular CT players to help us out and teach us the finer details of the game.

It won’t be long untill we play in tournaments and get our name out there.

‘Till next week, in the spirit of the game,

Francois Wahl

Tygers Ultimate

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