Public Holiday


There will not be a pick-up game tomorrow because of the public holiday. We hope to see everyone next week Tuesday, 8 May 2012, 17h30 at Bellville Cricket Club.

Just a bit of feedback from the past weekend’s National Ultimate Championship:

We started out in 16th position (seeing as we were debutants) and ended in 12th position. This is fabulous for us, seeing as we have only been playing for 6 months. We won a game and came achingly close to beating other well-seasoned campaigners! We lost our last game (11-10) against the Prawn Bunnies from Durban.

In wrapping up the tournament proceedings the organisers named us “the find of the season”. We hope to grow in stature, skills and participate in spring-league later this year. Hopefully we can break into the top 10 next year!

See you next week!

In the spirit of the game

Francois Wahl

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