Building phase


Nationals is now a thing of the past and we can start to focus on next year! The challenging thing for us now is to realise that we are no longer the underdogs. We do not come in at lowest seed for tournaments and we need to rise to that expectation. Bearing this in mind we will have to get more ladies and gents through the rigorous training Michael put us through before Nationals.

‘n Goeie worsmasjien prentjie is moontlik van pas!

We look forward to more positive building from here on out and it all starts with committed players regularily attending pick-up games on Tuesdays. I hear rumours of a training group on the horison called Thunderous-Thursdays.

Hope to see everyone at Bellville Cricket Club tomorrow at 17h30 for the usual pick-up game.

In the spirit of the game

Francois Wahl

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