Venue Change


We found out today that we may no longer use Bellville Cricket Club without paying a membership fee. Today will be our last game at this location and invite everyone to join us!

Please follow our blog and facebook group closely to stay up to date with information pertaining to where we play. We hope to get a new permanent location, with flood lights, within the next week.

If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us asap.

See you all there this afternoon, 17h15.

In the spirit of the game Francois Wahl

One thought on “Venue Change

  1. We want to stress that paying membership fees are out of the question for us at the moment seeing as we are a growing sport and team. It is more important for us to retain players we currently have, rather than to sacrifice them for the venue we use. It does not even have flood lights, so it limits our play time in the winter, and would probably be better to move anyways.

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