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Please refer to this mail from Ant Pascoe, it is for a good cause and the people behind it love Ultimate:

Hi All

Most of you probably know Mandy Rapson – if not personally, then you will almost certainly have played against her. She has been with Chilli for a couple of years, played at Rocktober last year and featured for our B-team at SA Nationals earlier this year (so yes, you can probably picture who she is).

The truth is that while you can picture her, you probably don’t know just how awesome she is. Because while most of us think that being an Ultimate player is about as good as it gets, Mandy knows that there is still a ton of scope for being even more. Next week Mandy is set to embark on a voyage that is likely to prove more challenging than a push-pass into the teeth of a Port Elizabeth wind. She is cycling from Cape Town to Durban (and she is doing it completely unassisted).

In short, Mandy is due to ride 2000 kms in 30 days in an attempt to raise R150 000 for LifeXchange, an NGO that works with at risk youth in and around Cape Town. It is a huge undertaking but one that, knowing Mandy, she will almost certainly complete. Some of the people that will benefit from Mandy’s efforts are people who play Ultimate. Keanan Basson, who was the leading goal scorer at Nationals 2012 is a someone who has benefitted from the LifeXchange magic. And there are plenty of others.

Explaining the motivation for the trip Mandy said, “I’m doing this to show the youth of LifeXchange that anything is possible, that if you really want something, no matter how big or absurd it may sound, it IS possible if you commit and put your mind to it and it’s possible to overcome the daily challenges you’re faced with.” 

So this appeal goes out to my the Ultimate Community to support one of their own. With your support, LifeXchange can have another five young adults from Ocean View starting their journey on the LifeXchange programme. Each kilometer of the trip is available to be sponsored at R75. That’s not a big ask! To make your contribution visit: http://tinyurl.com/bmyq87q



Do with it what you feel. If it inspires you to give, then give. If not, just appreciate the work being done by our community. Always look to others and not yourself.

In the spirit of the game

Francois Wahl

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