I want to address a topic: SPIRIT OF THE GAME

According to the Urban Dictionary –

“the spirit of the game of Ultimate Frisbee, players are to help each other, call reasonable fouls. Spirit of the game makes Ultimate Frisbee the best sport on earth.

man you were out of bounds. 
No i wasn’t. 
ok, i’ll take your word. 
(spirit of the game, when someone might be out of bounds)”


According to the official Ultimate Rules established by USA Ultimate –

“Ultimate has traditionally relied upon a spirit of sportsmanship which places the responsibility for fair play on the player. Highly competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of the bond of mutual respect between players, adherence to the agreed upon rules of the game, or the basic joy of play. Protection of these vital elements serves to eliminate adverse conduct from the Ultimate field. Such actions as taunting of opposing players, dangerous aggression, intentional fouling, or other ‘win-at-all-costs’ behaviour are contrary to the spirit of the game and must be avoided by all players.”


On Thursday last week the pick-up game at DF Malan ended as a result of MANY factors. I have written accounts from 6 people so think I have a complete objective picture of what happened. Personally, as co-founder of the club, I can see fault in almost everyone’s actions that was present but won’t lay it bare because that defies the purpose. Just take a hard look at yourself and ask what I could have done, in the spirit of the game, to prevent the outcome of that particular game.

Our aim with creating the Ultimate club was to grow the sport, that was predominantly played in Southern Suburbs, to the Northern Suburbs. So yes, it is a club and we aim to improve to such a level that we can compete and even beat the other teams in the league. The more experienced players will always try to help lesser experienced players to get better and align them to the rules and skills of the Southern Suburbs players. That said we should aim to have grace them and remember that we were once players joining without being able to throw. Let us teach others to play, but in the spirit of the game. Let us learn from others, but in the spirit of the game.

The aim is also to have fun and show that this sport and its interaction with each other is unique. While having fun everyone must try and better themselves each week and not only play to be social. Getting better and learning is fun too. Try and realise that some of the players have more experience and offer that to you for free, because they love the sport too and want to see you succeed on a higher level.

What you say whilst playing the game has a massive effect on the fun others might have, so try remember that your way is not necessarily how other people enjoy interacting. Shouting, swearing, mocking, teasing, tuning, intimidating, impatience is NOT in the spirit of the game. Complementing, building up, support, encouraging, kindness and patience IS in the spirit of the game.

I don’t want any comments on this post. I will delete it.

Let’s see this sport grow in the Northern suburbs, bring the Gees! People should not join one day and never pitch again. People should not come play Ultimate and not see any improvement from one year to the other.

In the spirit of the game

Francois Wahl 

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