Friendly: Chilli Legends – 19 Feb 2018

On a chilly Monday evening the Northern Lights arrived at the aptly named Scoville Oval where the Legends turned up the heat. While both teams struggle to balance training as much as with being responsible Cape Town water warriors and protecting fields that are getting limited water both teams were eager for the opportunity to play a match.

With last year’s Summer league make use of pools to accommodate all the teams, the Legends and Lights did not face each other on the field last year, making this their first match against each other ever. The teams differed quite significantly with the legends having a legendary number of years experience (and the experience of the players other than Ant) facing up against a Northern Lights team which had 8 players earn their first Northern Lights caps. The Northern Lights were very excited to play their first match and the few Lights that were unable to make the match were supporting us in spirit with some ‘spandrag’ pictured below.

Picture: spandrag: ponytails and Northern Lights colours blue-purple

The gusty Pinelands wind did no one any favours and get all throws uncertain. Most memorably escaping Carike’s grasp 3 times in the end zone before deciding, as if with a mind of its own, to rather land outside the field of play. The trademark Pinelands wind saw ideal conditions for zone defence and both teams got a chance to showcase the zone defence with Legends choosing to zone for the entire evening. The Northern Lights’ zone was also quite effective on placing some pressure on the experienced handlers with some turnovers resulting quite close to the end zone.

The game had some great ups and downs. The lows included contact resulting in Jess from Legends leaving the field of play and a separate incident resulting in Hurn ending his play early. The Lights also suffered some end zone fever with a number of drops in the endzone. The highs included a domestic partner point, for the housemates Chris and Christiaan, as well as Kyle adding to scores. Some great pressure from the Northern Lights cup resulting in well placed turnovers.

In the end, the experience of the Legends was too much for the youthful exuberance of Northern Lights with the final score quite convincingly 14-3 to the Legends. However, the game went to hard cap as the Lights did not give the Legends any easy points during the 90 minutes of intense play.

The post game huddle and discussion allowed the Legends to share some their wisdom including ensuring we throw within our ability as well as encouraging Lights to continue to trust all the players in the team and function as a unit rather than a core of a few players. Working on this I hope that we develop a squad that trust each other all build together.


As there were no official spirit scores or MVPs as author of this post I have taken the liberty of awarding my own MVPS:

Northern Lights Chilli  Legends
Male: Chris Cobus
Female: Lycia Keren

Score sheet

Northern Lights Chilli Legends
Assist Score Assist Score
Malcolm Kyle 1 Ant Cobus
Chris Christiaan 2 Carike Cobus
Andrea Kyle 3 Hendri Jess
4 Cobus Carike
5 Nikki Oliver
6 Lorenco Ant
7 Nils Kevin
8 Keren Nicky
9 Carike Hendri
10 Keren Savannah
11 Ant Carike
12 Kevin Carike
13 Ant Cobus
14 Ant Nils

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