Summer League 2018: Chilli Heat 7 March 2018

On Wednesday 7 March a diverse bunch of people made their way to the well-known Scoville Oval. With the Scoville scale, being a method of measuring the intensity of a chilli pepper’s heat, the location chosen for Northern Lights to face Chilli Heat was quite appropriate.

Both teams saw the need for a proper warm-up session, as the Cape Town winds made sure it’s presence was felt. Mid warm-up, the Lights got a very pleasant surprise! Chris quickly snuck away to the parking lot, not coming back empty handed – Our new kits have arrived! Our spirits lit up as we got properly dressed to play some ultimate. With lots of excitement, and a little bit of nerves, we continued to warm up for the last couple of minutes before facing our opponents.

1, 2, 3 – Lights up!

The game started and both the Lights and Heat immediately showed their eagerness to play. Before Heat could do us the honour of opening the score board, there was quite a few turn overs. This was the result of both good D’s and some poorly made choices from both teams. After Chilli broke the ice with the first point, they didn’t really stop… scoring continuously and showing great skill, they really pushed the Lights to step up and play a hard game.

Frankenstein, Superman, Aeroplane, Callahan… wait what? That’s not what Pieter thought us? For those of you that fall into the small percentile of people that is not yet familiar with all the fancy Ultimate jargon, a Callahan, named after Henry Callahan, is a move where a defender intercepts the disc in the end zone, scoring a point. We had the opportunity to witness such an event when Janco showed off is super speed and great skill, scoring yet another point after their pull.

After 27 solid minutes of intense play, half time was called leaving the Lights with zero on the score sheet. This gave our coach, Pieter Frederik Janse van Vuuren the fourth (that he knows of), the opportunity to lift our spirits with a very motivating halftime speech. His tactics included focusing on what we did right on the field, reminding us that we’re here to have fun and forcing us to give each Chilli member a high five before the second half started!

… This Chilli gets a high five, that Chilli gets a high five, all the Chillies are getting high fives!!

The Lights quickly made their way back to the starting line. Feeling more enthusiastic, they put their game faces on and were ready for round two. During the second half, the Lights started to play a lot better, finally making a mark on the score sheet! Just one, but it was brilliant! Lights keeping possession of the disc, focusing hard, Herman throwing a beautiful disc to Kyle, who threw just as impressively to the fastest man alive, and finally Musa catching the disc in the end zone!! The cowed, consisting of a few Northern Lights players, did indeed go wild. Thanks to Chilli, for not going easy on us, we were forced to play at a higher level of intensity. We learned a lot during the game, and every player is even more motivated to get back on the field!

The game ended with a final score of 17-1. Some of the highlights included a very vocal sideline – cheering for the playing members and shouting relevant and use-able advice. Siya’s handling was also very impressive throughout the whole match, earning her the Spirit Pants!! The post-game huddle was extremely positive, and both teams agreed that they would very much enjoy facing each other again, if not during the league, then with a fun-filled friendly match. (:

Spirit scores:

  Northern Lights Chilli Heat
Spirit Score 11 10
Spirit Player Siya Jaco

Saret, thank you very much for all the trouble you went through to light up our team with the brand new kits! Every team member felt proud to show off your efforts on the field! And thank you Chilli for bringing the Heat during the game, we enjoyed playing against you!

Congratulations to the two Spirit Players, Siya and Dex. Wear the pants with pride, you earned it!

**Score Sheet – Pending

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