Match Report – UCT Friendly 26 Jan 2019

Welcoming the new season on home ground

With the morning sun in our faces, the Northern Lights and UCT started warming up bright eyed and bushy tailed on Saturday morning at Tygerberg campus. What a proud moment it was for us to host a game this time! It being a friendly before league starts, it was a wonderful opportunity to get the first-match jitters out of our system and get to know the new additions to our team under match conditions.

The midsummer temperatures quickly climbed into the thirties and the sweat was dripping. No bother from the wind though, so there were smiles all around. The first half of the match escalated into a few easy scores for UCT, but the Lights had some good D’s that resulted into turnovers and also managed get onto the scoreboard. By half time, the score was 8–3 in UCT’s favour and we had a lekker discussion of what was working and what not.

With everyone now warmed and pumped, we put our all into the second half and there were some extremely, crazy long points. UCT could see we weren’t going to let them get away with it that easy and it was a battle royale, including some calls that were made, all handled efficiently and in good spirit. UCT played some impressively smooth ultimate and was the picture of fitness (or is it just youth?). Northern Lights were getting nicely vocal with some help from a fantastic sideline and the scores were quickly piling up on both sides, with Lights breathing down UCT’s necks.

With the sun beating down on us relentlessly and not a drop of decent shade for miles, the match drew to an end with UCT taking this one, 15 to 11. What an incredible way to spend a Saturday morning, followed by an extremely positive huddle with both teams and of course, pictures were taken. The Lights then went for well-deserved swimming and pizza for the season kick-off social and goal sharing at Pieter’s house. There was even some very legitimate and highly authentic Italian tiramisu made by Sofia, which did not go down too badly.

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