Summer League 1 Chilli Heat (feat. Wind) Jan 30 2019

A beautiful, hot Wednesday evening, it was our first official game of the season. We met at the Scoville Oval, in anticipation, as we were eager to start off on a high. Surprisingly, our women’s attendance exceeded that of our men’s. A rare occurrence in the history of Northern Lights.  That was merely the beginning…


Nerves were a little shaken, especially those of the newbies who had never played alongside NL before, but we all knew the main aim was to enjoy ourselves. We pride ourselves on being a mixed-level team, that welcomes players of all ages, races and genders. For we all share in the love of the game with others. Last year we played Heat, the final score was a shocking 17 – 1. Needless to mention, this game was bound to be a doozy, according to the stats. So we kept an open mind, as we could learn from their techniques and establish our strengths/weaknesses.


Usually, when one plays an advanced team immediately you are forced to either step up your game, or cracks in the woodwork begin to show. Heat’s zone defence came as a bit of a shock to us and in particular our newer players but we did manage to get some movement through their zone at times.  We were down 5 points by half-time. 


A quick pep talk, the sideline’s vocals warmed up and our focus realigned. We fought back as hard as we could. And we caught up. We closed the gap. Pinelands lived up to its promise of wind. Predictably so. Which caused a few mishaps from both teams. This included us gifting Heat a Calahan score (well done Dex). However, one did not expect the composure and admirable sportsmanship which we maintained on the field.

Despite having lost the game in the end; we showed our utmost determination, taking Heat to a hard cap (I.e. It came down to time running out, rather than them scoring the maximum number of points 😉 ).


With a final score of 14 – 5, it’s evident that we work well together and have what it takes to play competitively. One of our goals for the year. If we maintain this passion and courage, we will go far in the league. All in all, a cracker of a game with some incredible points from both sides. Watch out League, the Lights are coming for you!

Author: Jessica Dawson

Home: Chilli Heat Away: Northern Lights
Assist Score   Assist Score
Janco Megan 1 Herman Siya
Marco Brad 2 Hanno Pieter
Janco Brad 3 Hanno Sofia
Janco Brad 4 Herman Hanno
Brent Brad 5 Siya Bongumusa
Jess Brad 6
Marco Janco 7
Janco Marco 8
Marco Janco 9
Janco Brad 10
Eliza Brent 11
Megan Marco 12
(Callahan) Jaco (Dexter) 13
Marco Janco 14


Team Spirit score Spirit pants
Chilli Heat 11 (+1 communication) Brad
Northern Lights 10 Bongumusa

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