Northern Lights needs you

Northern Lights needs your help to ensure we have a team in Summer League 2020. We have the unique problem of having more ladies than men willing to play Summer League next year. In addition, we have an opening in our coaching position. However, we have a lot to offer:

  • We have access to fields with lights, and Tygerberg campus is not as far as you might think!
  • We are one of the few non-university teams that encourages beginners. Not a beginner, then come and share your experience.
  • Need some game time? As our squad is currently really small, you will get tons of game time. Come play for us, even if we just borrow you for a game or two (if CTFDA are happy, we believe in sharing) 
  • Need to practise, already in a team but it’s so far away or your team does not practise? Join us Thursday nights (including some guest coaches)
  • Want to get some coaching experience? We are looking for some coaches to take even just a practice or two.
  • Want to do the tourist thing? Do some travelling to the Northern suburbs, we have more than just wine farms! Join our Pick-ups, Sunday afternoon at Tygerberg campus.

We are starting practice Thursdays from 9 January but will have some pickups on any Sunday we have enough players just watch the WhatsApp group. Signups, questions, comments, encouragement or suggestions are welcome, please contact Pieter 072 747 0578 or Edmé 081 205 6375.

Pickup group:

Northern Lights group: 

One thought on “Northern Lights needs you

  1. Let me know if you need a player for Nationals or other major tournaments. As founder I would always make a plan to join you guys.

    A unique problem to have, with too many ladies!

    We have too few ladies here in Windhoek. Only have guys!!


    Francois Joubert Wahl


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