Comeback-kids successful

Tyger Frizzos

After Team 2 (now known as the comeback-kids) narrowly lost out to Team 1 last week, though coming back from a big margin and forcing a sudden death, they managed to edge out Team 4 for the win despite being down 8-5 at halftime. In doing so they get their first points on the log. They won 13-11.

The Ultzheimers were too much for Team 1 beating them 15-9. Some players said there should be height restrictions next week. Hopefully the Comeback-kids can cut them down to size.

Ultzheimers now top the log at 8 points, Comeback-kids in second place (because of a better points difference) and Team 1 in third both with 4 points. Team 4 do not have any points yet but are marked for victory next week as they showed massive signs of improvement yesterday.

Next week’s top of the table clash is going to be amazing! If the comeback-kids win by more than 6 they win the league seeing as that is the points difference between the two at the moment.

See you all Tuesday for the last game of the TUFF League. 17h30, Bellville Cricket Club.

In the spirit of the game

Francois Wahl

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