New Era


We are moving into exciting times at Nothern Suburbs Ultimate. Many changes and many additions.

We have more than 20 players consistently attending Tuesday pick-up games at DF Malan and half of those also attend Thursday games! YES, there are Thursday games too! So join us!

Thursday games will aim to improve on skills and strategy. It will usually start with a 10minute drill to get everyone on the same page with a certain skill or strategy.

Michiel Basson is taking over from me with regards to administration for the remainder of the year, seeing as my work has moved to Stellenbosch and cannot reach DF Malan before the sun has gone down. Michiel is also looking into a venue that can provide us with floodlights.

We are also looking for sponsors for summer league. We are hoping to join the southern suburb leagues soon and it will be a massive boost if there is a company who wants to support us financially. This is for team gear and other miscellaneous things.

If you want to get involved in a bigger way, please don’t hesitate to cantact us via the blog or on our facebook group, “Durbanville/Bellville Ultimate frisbee”. Most of the last minute admin happens on facebook, so join that too.

In the spirit of the game

Francois Wahl

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